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GGND Corporate Model

Financial Modelling

23rd October 2021

DWPF provided financial modelling support to Allianz Capital Partners in developing a corporate financial model for Galp Gás Natural Distribuição (GGND), Portugal’s largest gas network.


GGND is a regulated distribution network with a length of over 13,000 km that is serving c.1.1 million households, including the country’s capital of Lisbon. GGND’s network is one of the most modern distribution networks in Europe.


Almost 95 percent of GGND’s network consists of low-pressure polyethylene (“PE”) pipes, which can be utilized for distribution of hydrogen, synthetic natural gas or biomethane. Furthermore, these PE pipes provide for an extended service life as well as lower maintenance costs and leakage rates.


The new corporate model will be governed and updated by the GGND management team going forward to build up their long-term business plan. Allianz Capital Partners and GGND will also use the financial model for regulatory modelling, shareholder valuations, treasury forecasting, budgeting and to support business decisions.