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IslaLink Operational Model

Financial Modelling

16th November 2021

DWPF provided financial modelling support to Fiera Infrastructure in developing an operational model for IslaLink. IslaLink is an independent submarine communications company, providing route-redundant, mission-critical fibre infrastructure connecting the Balearic Islands to mainland Spain.


IslaLink provides rental of dark and lit fibre capacity, IP transit, O&M and colocation services through long-term contracts with blue-chip telecom carriers serving the Balearic market.  IslaLink’s infrastructure includes a 273 km non-repeated submarine cable linking Valencia and Mallorca, a 256 km terrestrial backhaul ring on Mallorca island and 11 colocation centres. IslaLink is the only independent neutral operator on the Balearic Islands to mainland Spain route, with a near to 100% non-incumbent operator market share.


In 2018, Fiera Infrastructure acquired IslaLink, and are now establishing new business ventures in wider European markets, such as Italy and Greece, which will enhance the size of the consolidated business.


DWPF created a transparent, dynamic, usable, accurate and flexible financial model to allow the company to report financial covenants, track historic performance, forecast long-term projections, and perform company valuation analysis.


The model integrated new greenfield expansion projects into the company valuation. The model also integrated two further entities into the corporate valuation model and calculated full integrated financial statements for each respectively