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NeXtWind Portfolio Model

Financial Modelling

22nd June 2021

DWPF provided financial modelling support to NeXtWind Capital, a European onshore wind investor, in developing a portfolio financial model.


NeXtWind Capital is a new investor in the European onshore wind sector, who combines responsible capital with innovative business ideas for end-of-life renewable energy assets. The key expertise of NeXtWind is optimisation and re-development of sites, either through re-powering or life-time extension.


NeXtWind Capital, acting as a HoldCo, owns and manages multiple SPVs which will be used to purchase the wind farms. The model aggregates the operations of the SPVs and management company into integrated financial statements at HoldCo level, and can be easily expanded to include more SPVs.


The key to the usability and success of the portfolio model is the ease of running scenarios and performing sensitivity analysis at the individual SPV level to measure the impact on portfolio performance.