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Palmdale FibreCity Network

Model Audit

1st February 2021

DWPF provided model audit advice to Whitehelm Capital for the financing of SiFi Networks’ fibre optics roll-out in Palmdale, California.


The project is part of SiFi’s “FiberCites” program in which the company deploys, finances, owns and operates fiber networks. Once completed, essentially every home and every business in Palmdale will have access to high-speed internet. Currently, only about 5% of homes and 30% of businesses in Palmdale have that level of connectivity.


While the initiative will be privately financed, city officials seeking public funding are collaborating with the Palmdale School District, Westside School District, and Antelope Valley Unified School District to combine resources and apply for grant funding.


A combination of fiber optic and wireless networking equipment will be used to offer broadband services to city residents.