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UK Solar PV/Battery Storage Co-Location M&A Support

Financial Modelling

2nd February 2022

DWPF provided financial modelling and M&A support to HRESYS in appraising and bidding for UK solar PV/battery storage co-location projects.


DWPF developed a flexible and robust financial model which could be used to evaluate potential solar PV and battery storage development and investment opportunties, as well as provided ongoing M&A advice for the potential acquisition of ready-to-build projects. DWPF’s advice encapsulated detailed market intelligence and market-sounding of assumptions for UK solar PV and battery storage projects, evaluation of best capital structure, and ongoing financial modelling and transaction support.


By building a switch in the scenario manager, HRESYS are able simply turn on/off the solar PV or battery storage aspects, and therefore any project can be appraised whether they be on a standalone basis or co-located.