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University of Idaho On-Campus Utility System P3

Model Audit

10th January 2021

DWPF provided model audit advice to Sacyr and Plenary Americas on the financing of the University of Idaho On-Campus Utility System P3.


Sacyr and Plenary will be responsible for operating, maintaining, and improving the energy, water, and steam generation and distribution systems on the University of Idaho’s Moscow campus for 50 years.


The services infrastructure used on the campus is similar to that of a small town. For example, its cooled water distribution system is 12.8 km long, and its electricity distribution network is 6 km long. The drinking water distribution networks are 31.7 km long in total, and it also has steam and compressed air distribution pipes.


The improvements planned by the consortium include reducing the carbon footprint made by energy consumption on campus.


To achieve this, the use of renewable energy will be promoted, and the efficiency of the system improved. There will also be sustainable exploitation of the Grande Ronde and Wanapum aquifers, and the management of wastewater will be improved.