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Financial Modelling

The EvoInfra team has been at the forefront of the advancement of financial modelling best practice, with over 100 years of collective experience producing models and business tools in support of hundreds of transactions.

Sector Expertise

Our team has a deep understanding of modelling projects across the whole of the infrastructure and energy spectrum, including traditional ‘core’ sectors along with the emerging core-plus sub‑sectors.


As such, not only do we have the in-depth modelling experience to produce clear, robust and user-friendly models, but we combine this with our understanding of the sectors within which we work to meaningfully contribute to the overall process.


Our team has developed financial models in support of over 100 project finance transactions to reach financial close. Our experience covers the full range of transaction types:

  • Primary bid models for transactions (incl. PFI/PPP).

  • Refinancing and restructuring models.

  • Valuation models for secondary market transactions (equity purchase and sale).

  • Models to support/test the business case for prospective ventures.


Our involvement typically starts at the early stages of transactions, providing the analysis that proves economic viability whilst also helping to determine the best solution through options’ appraisal.

We work closely with our clients to ensure our models reflect technical proposals, operational assumptions, project specific advice and underlying project documentation. We also have strong relationships with financial institutions and their advisers (legal and technical) and understand the different sensitivities and scenarios required to achieve credit approval (e.g. working closely with the lender’s TA to size security package requirements).

Operational Modelling & Portfolio Modelling

In addition to developing the Excel models that underpin project finance transactions, we also use our expertise to develop tools to help clients monitor project performance once assets have been constructed and are operational – either on an individual project basis, or through the construction of portfolio models.

Key to the success of any operational model is simplicity, with a focus on end-users being able to update with actual results. Covenant reporting is made simple through the inclusion of specific output sheets, and a full reconciliation to the base financial close models is also performed.

Our team has built operational models covering the waste, PFI accommodation and renewable energy sectors. Portfolio models have also been developed for a large number of infrastructure funds. These not only feature multiple assets and cross-border investments, but also produce key information and metrics for fund level reporting.

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