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Modelling Training

Evolution Infrastructures financial modelling team has extensive project finance and infrastructure transaction experience and offers both online public training courses, as well as tailored in-house Excel training curriculums.

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Tailored Training In Project Finance

We conduct regular training courses online and in-person from our offices in London, as well as running courses in client offices in Europe, North America and Australasia.

Our in-house classroom style courses can be tailored to an individual firms needs, with core content from our Foundation and Advanced Courses  supplemented with specific requests, or with training models adjusted to reflect the most relevant industry sector.

For individuals looking for online training, our Project Finance Modelling Sprint course marries the flexibility of a video-led self-study programme, with the personalisation of an in-person course 

In-House Classroom Financial Modelling Training

These courses will provide you with tailored financial modelling and project finance training solutions, and are set in an in-house classroom environment (either in our or your offices). This delivery method makes the course highly interactive, and ideal for companies looking to train a group of 5+ analysts and associates in best practice financial modelling.

The full course is broken into two 2-day courses:

  • Foundation in Project Finance Modelling – Learn to build, review or analyse project finance models. Participants will create a cash flow model from scratch using best practice methodology and practice powerful Excel techniques and shortcuts.

  • Advanced Modelling for Project Finance – Learn advanced analytical techniques used in the project finance industry. Building on the Foundation course model, add additional funding sources and covenants. Basic VBA coding will also be written from scratch to debt size and prevent model circularities.


In addition, we can provide tailored financial modelling solutions with industry specific add on models, for example for P3/PPP or renewable energy projects.

Project Finance Modelling Sprint

Project Finance Modelling Sprint is comprised of a 30-day intensive educational experience blending the flexibility of a video-led self-study programme, with the personalisation of an in-person course through additional livestream classes with our trainers, homeworking elements and graded feedback, allowing us to deliver a best-in-class training.

The full course is broken into two 2-week courses:

  • Blueprint for Project Finance – Learn essential project finance theory by building an infrastructure cashflow model from scratch, and using a case study to adapt construction, operations, cashflow waterfalls, and equity and project returns.

  • Advanced Project Finance – Continuing from the Blueprint model, pull together advanced elements to deliver a bankable financial model. You will learn how to build a best practice project finance model, and apply investment committee style scenario analysis.


This course is ideal for individuals or small groups looking for independent financial modelling training.

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